Document Lists

Easily Highlight Documents/Files

Are your important documents and files difficult to locate on your website?

B2i provides a plugin widget that allows you to manage your important documents or web links by making them easy to highlight to your website visitors. Please see the list below for some of the key features:

  • Highlight Webcasts, IR Webkit, Financial Documents, and Presentations
  • Unlimited document plugin widgets for all your reporting needs
  • Website registration forms to support your documents
  • Older items are easily removed, replaced or set to automatically archive or expire

A registration form allows you to require your website visitors to provide mandatory or optional data fields prior to viewing a document, such as their email address and contact information. B2i automation can also notify you via email with the data collected and the documents opened!

The display below is one fully functional plugin widget example of how documents or web links can be presented in a list view on your existing website. Here is another option for display. Our plugin widgets have various parameters to easily adjust the layout and functionality to fit any website design.

We can create your perfect output as well.

Our Multi-Section plugin is perfect for displaying your quarterly earnings information. It allows collapsible containers with multiple sections and multiple documents / links for each section. The sections and documents can have a scheduled publish date and time for display on your website. Additionally, an expiration date/ time can be set to remove the section or download from your website automatically. Text or other code can be placed above each section's download files. Each file and link can be set to log visitor viewing and activity reports can viewed and downloaded in your B2i portal. Sections and downloads can be custom ordered.