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Below are fully functional B2i plugin widgets customized to create an investor relations overview page offering the latest data that investors and analysts may find of interest.

Below is an example of a few plugins working together to create an Investor Overview page.


Investor Relations Software Example
B2i's Investor Relations software provides highly reliable and customizable data for corporate websites including press releases, financials, stock data/charting, and SEC filings within SOX compliance standards at an affordable price.

Our IR software allows the display of real-time data to your website visitors without requiring additional work on your behalf. Once you have completed your Filings and Press Releases they are automatically displayed on your website and formatted for easy access. Automated email updates are available to keep your investors, analysts and contacts informed of your company progress, financial news and future events.

B2i offers a single platform for corporate content, website contacts and email updates designed for Investor Relations that has the look and feel of your existing website. We offer many hosting options including a point and click CMS for your entire corporate site.

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