Contact Forms

Integrated Contact Forms!

Are you missing an opportunity to gather key data using automation?

B2i has created a plugin widget to enhance your website with customizable:
Contact Us, Comments, and Request Information forms

Once submitted:
  • A contact will be automatically created in your B2i Contact Relationship Manager(CRM) and the comments will be attached to the contact profile record.
  • Email notification: Contact details and comments will be sent to you or others via email.
  • Dashboard Updates: Contact and comments will be highlighted.
  • Activity Log: Contact actions such as viewing webpages, downloads, email opens, etc..., will now be logged.
  • Additional actions are available. Contact Us for more information.

You can also create custom forms (to include any data fields) with custom endpoints. This allows you to collect data from a visitor before transferring them to another webpage or download item.

By using B2i's "Contact Us" plugin, you are able to quickly and easily build a contact database while providing valuable information about your company, product/service offerings, industry or information of your choosing, to interested parties.

Below is a fully functional plugin widget example of a customizable form