Press Releases

Data is Automatically Posted to your Website
and Emailed to your Distribution List.

How are you handling your company's press releases?

B2i plugin widgets simplify many of your press release activities by receiving data feeds directly from Business Wire, PR Newswire, Globe Newswire (now West Corporation) and Accesswire. Once automatically received, these feeds are posted to your investor relations website and can be emailed directly to any distribution list without manual intervention. Yes, it can do that!

You can also easily create other communication libraries within your website, such as News, Press, Media, PR, FAQ and allow B2i automation to email your selected posts to your distribution list. These emails can also contain attached files or surveys. Your press releases can be viewed through this plugin widget or as RSS, XML, JSON, JS.

B2i's data plugins can be formatted to compliment any website design.

The display below is one fully functional example of how your company press releases can be presented on your existing website using a B2i plugin widget.

Press Releases

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