Integrated Website

B2i's Integrated Website Design Solutions can code your new or existing website. No matter how beautiful your site, we believe in the importance of integrating into a Contact Relationship Management Solution to track your new leads, page downloads, and page view activities. "Point-and-click" tools allow your team to effortlessly manage your content or B2i can manage it for you.

Features & Benefits
  • B2i can host and build a new site or plug into your existing website.
  • Mobile-Friendly and Responsive.
  • Implement your own design or B2i can create a brand new look for any type of business.
  • You can easily edit your website content without coding knowledge.
  • SEO Friendly.
  • Support to launch quickly and assist with editing at no extra cost.
  • Low Flexible cost structure.
  • Use your existing domain name/sub-domain for custom URLs.
  • B2i websites are seamlessly integrated with B2i CRM Solutions* which save you time, energy, and cost.

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