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Contributor: Vice President, Investor Relations
Exchange: AMEX
Company: Telecommunciations
"A respected colleague of mine recommended that I take a look at b2i's InvestorPass. My approach to the meeting was "here is just another software vendor wanting to get my business." After seeing the demo, I was convinced that they had something special that was easy to use and could truly benefit my company. We immediately signed up with b2i and continue to benefit from this service. B2i is continuously updating and adding new features to their product to stay on the cutting edge. They are proactive in providing training to us to make sure we are fully benefiting from their service. In summary, InvestorPass has: - Generated more exposure to potential investors - Improved the information dissemination process, making it easier to add, delete or revise investor information on our website - Enabled our key investors to provide feedback directly to the company - Provided service to us in a professional manner and with a sense of urgency."

Contributor: VP, Investor Relations
Exchange: NYSE
Industry: Energy

"The system is GREAT. I am REALLY impressed. I knew there must be something out there better than what we were using but had no idea how well integrated systems have become."

Contributor: Executive Vice President
Client's Exchange: NASDAQ
Industry: Management Consulting Services

"What I like best about InvestorPass is that it provides a single platform to manage all IR tasks, including investor kit requests - and it is so easy to use! Also, it helps me to be more efficient in managing the multiple client projects that I have going at any given time. Everything from publishing a press release to tracking and monitoring the investment audience; even sending a blast fax or email. This truly is the most cost effective and powerful online IR solution that I found during my course of research. Initially, I decided to go with InvestorPass based on the outstanding comments that I received from referrals. During my research, I spoke companies using InvestorPass and with large IR firms who implemented this program for their clients and they just had outstanding comments. I can honestly add, it is one of the best IR related decisions I've made for any of our clients."

Contributor: Executive Vice President
Clients' Exchanges:AMEX, NASDAQ, NYSE, OTCBB, Pink Sheets LLC
Industry: Investor relations consulting services

"We have enjoyed great success with InvestorPass by offering our clients a significant suite of services. InvestorPass has assisted us in controlling costs while reducing the time to complete necessary investor relations activities. InvestorPass has become our tool of choice for e-mail and fax distribution, investor contact management and Web content management. Previously, we have used services from all of the major providers in these areas. In every area, InvestorPass has enhanced our service offerings while reducing the costs to our clients and saving time. In addition to substantially increasing the ability of companies to communicate with their investors, InvestorPass has been a flexible resource. B2i has been very responsive to requests for additional features and product enhancements that benefit our clients."

Contributor: President, CEO
Exchange: Pink Sheets, LLC
Industry: Media, Publishing

"Our experience with b2i has been a pleasant surprise. The setup was quick and easy with helpful staff to complete the transition. InvestorPass is enabling us to build investor confidence in our organization. We only wish we would have come across them sooner."

Contributor: Director of Investor Relations
Exchange: Pink Sheets, LLC 
Industry: Biotechnology

"I began using InvestorPass almost one year ago when we first became publicly traded. Through my experience, I have found that the software is very user friendly and b2i is constantly coming up with new ways to make the software even more user friendly. I have also found that the personnel at b2i are very helpful and knowledgeable."

Contributor: Managing Partner
Clients' Exchanges: NASDAQ; Pink Sheets, LLC 
Industry: Investor relations consulting services

"We have been using InvestorPass for two of our clients since the beginning of 2002. In our opinion, b2i has created something that can create exceptional value for any publicly traded company. With a click of a button, shareholders, media and the financial community can access and interact with our targeted communications and presentations. The feedback and analysis produce quantifiable results our clients can see. And b2i's customer service is often immediate and always top notch. After investigating the options available for quality IR information systems, we discovered that b2i's InvestorPass was the only one-stop system out there - and we have never looked back. Our clients benefit from the high quality service provided, the ease of use for website visitors, and the effective, efficient reports and analysis. There is nothing like it available - we spent the time to search!"